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Note: This series of workshops in July are in-person, in Singapore. If you are based internationally, do keep a lookout for future online workshops!


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July Workshops

Core stability

I’ve always found contortion to be a double edged sword. It is AMAZING in training end range stability, BUT, if you do not have the right foundations and its not done super carefully (ESPECIALLY for my hypermobile folks), it can totally backfire in the longer term.

I cannot empahsize enough how core stability is NOT:
- Bracing/gripping all your muscles to the hardest, in order to execute a cue or skill
- Having a six pack (D U H, nope)

True dynamic stability is shown in your natural movement patterning (when you move without thinking), and we need the patterning to be *AS OPTIMAL AS POSSIBLE*, so we can build strength on top of that productively and well. Your overall technique can only be as strong as your true foundation.

If you tend to feel:
- Funky during the transitions between skills
- Have difficulty breathing through your drills
- Feel perpetually tired even from the simplest of skills DESPITE knowing you do have strength
- You are a symptomatically hypermobile human struggling to gain the core strength needed for the skills you do

It is *COMPLETELY* normal even for really advanced peeps to actually struggle with stability work [hint: it is NOT about brute strength]. Lets leave ego at the door, and meet our body where it is. Its way easier to progress by truly meeting your body where it is, than to force it somewhere it is not ready to handle.

[Pre-requisites: None
→ 1st July, Saturday, 10am-11.30am (01/07/23)]

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This workshop aims to cover the fundamental techniques in a dropback, which will include how to use your:

We will also address the psychological fear, and find ways to help YOU feel safe doing it.
(This is a necessary skill that must become comfortable if you eventually wish to work towards teardrop.)

If this is something you've been scared of trying yourself (rightfully so haha), or you are a more advanced practitioner with issues you would like to troubleshoot, come!

[Pre-requisites: Must have pre-existing backbend experience, AND be comfortable in a wheel
→ 2nd July, Sunday, 11.30am-1pm (02/07/23)]

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Teardrop (catching your ankles in a bridge/wheel) requires a high level of core stability.

Very often, this is a skill I see many flexible peeps compromise their lower back to achieve this shape.

In this workshop, we will be learning how to work safely towards a teardrop, AND assess which “stage of the journey” you need to spend more time at.

This workshop is suitable for:
- people who are working towards teardrop (but have not achieved it)
- People who CAN teardrop, BUT feel your lower back when doing it

→ at least level 1.5 for backbends
→ OR must have a comfortable full wheel with shoulders EASILY stacked over wrist
→ 9th July, Sunday, 11.30am-1pm (09/07/23) ]

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Flying Cobra: fundamental technique

Flying cobra is truly the mother of all backbends. Here, we will be doing a deep dive into the fundamentals for engagement in a flying cobra. If there is time/for those who are ready, we can also explore some shapes you can transit into from a flying cobra.

Flying cobras are not the easiest, but they can be done with relative ease too. There are many parts involved in a flying cobra, and when every part is pulling their own weight, you will observe a harmonious teamwork which makes everything lighter and more comfortable.

If this is something you’ve consistently been struggling with, or even struggling with shapes like a “box” (grabbing your legs in a cobra), this is the place for you to explore!

[Pre-requisites: None
Dates: (choose either slot)
→ 8th July, Saturday, 11.30am-1pm (08/07/23)
→ 9th July, Sunday, 10am-11.30am (09/07/23)]

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Rib flare

This workshop is for those who struggle with flaring your ribs excessively in backbends, and those who rely too much on it to deepen their bends.

Rib flare is typically seen in:
1) Bendy midback humans!! (These peeps tend to hinge off their midbacks most to bend, and usually have very visually protruding ribs when bending)
2) People who REALLY STRUGGLE to feel their upper back, especially if you know you are decently bendy
3) People who feel lower back "dumping" DESPITE having worked sufficiently on their lower core

Rib flare in and of itself usually isn't inherently harmful, BUT it does steal away from the potential of bending from other parts of your back and shoulders. However, if your rib flare is linked to a midback hinge, in general, hinging of ANY part of your spine is not the best idea in the long term.

If any of this sounds like something you struggle with, let's rein in these overachieving ribs!

[Pre-requisites: None
Dates: (choose either slot)
→ 2nd July, Sunday, 10am-11.30am (02/07/23)
→ 8th July, Saturday, 10am-11.30am (08/07/23)

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This workshops is both for advanced cheststand practitioners, as well as those who are READY to progress towards cheststands.

In this workshop, we will cover progressions towards chest ands (and their variants for those who are ready).

Safety takes precedence, so please do not expect me to be willing to haul you into cheststand. I am a strong believer that positions you cannot get into yourself (or with minimal assistance), are positions you should NOT be in. Appropriate regressions will be given to let your body understand this skill.

→ comfortable with backbend level 1.5 or level 2 syllabus
→ OR obtain prior approval from me

→ 1st July, Saturday, 11.30am-1pm (01/07/23)]

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