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Class Types

Classes can either be virtual or in-person.

It will be clearly stated in the booking page whether the class you are booking is virtual or in-person.

Flexibility Training

Classes are focused on teaching you how to actively support your flexibility with muscular engagement, while respecting your body’s unique differences. There is an emphasis on body awareness, ease with movements, and working with/respecting your nervous system.

Most classes run on the basis of a term course, to allow for progression and a better paced build up of technical foundation, awareness and strength. 

Term Courses

Consistent schedule and progression


Summary of levels:

  • Beginners (level 1)
  • Advanced Beginners (level 1.5)
  • Intermediate/Contortion (level 2)

Pre requisites: none

Description: This level focuses on establishing a strong foundation in terms of understanding the key fundamental engagement in a backbend. We will also be doing targeted opening of all the relevant parts involved in a backbend (Of course, this means that it is MORE than just your back itself then!!), learn how to identify “red flags” for each of those regions, and also learn to approach more sensitive areas like the neck.


Its essentially a ✨back to basics✨ course! Basics are not complicated, but never easy. 

So if you have never done active stretch classes before (for backbending), please start at this level! This builds your foundation towards exploring more advanced bends in future.


[Note: In general, yoga/dance/gymnastics background is not counted. But exceptions are sometimes appropriate. 

If you feel that you are ready for the next level, do drop me a message to enquire!]

Pre requisites:

  • Must have completed level 1 with approval to progress up levels OR you meet these 2 prerequisites:
  1. a comfortable wheel
  2. Must be familiar + comfortable with the fundamental form and engagement in backbends


Description: In this level, we will be introducing more advanced engagement concepts. More intricate detailed engagement will be taught here, and we will focus a lot on control and awareness in your range. 

This level works on preparing your body, in terms of awareness, strength and range for intermediate/contortion level (level 2).


[Note: this level is NOT for beginners with no background in the fundamental engagement for backbends, regardless of how bendy/flexible you are]

Pre requisites:

  • Must have completed level 1.5 successfully with approval to progress up levels
  • OR have pre-existing contortion background (must be able to do a comfortable full wheel with shoulders stacked over wrist + able to dropback with minimal or no assistance)


In this level, we will be working on various contortion skills itself. Such skills include cheststand, teardrop, contortion forearm balances and more. You will be expected to already have a good grasp of fundamental form and engagement. 

[Note: Please drop me a message to seek approval for this level if you have not completed the level 1.5 course]


Front splits, middle splits, pancakes and leg scales: we train them all! There will be a significant focus on active flexibility in all of them, and we aim to explore ways to make splits more comfortable for you based on your unique body.


Drop in lessons will only focus on ONE of them in each class, so that we get to cover the technique, conditioning and stretch in sufficient depth. Drop in classes will state what kind of splits are being covered: eg. “Splits (middle splits)”.


Courses can either focus on one or a few of them, and will usually run in an alternating pattern. For example, for a course named “Splits course (Front splits + middle splits)”:


Week 1 – front splits
Week 2 – middle splits
Week 3 – front splits


and so on and so forth.

Drop-in Classes

Single Class, Flexible Schedules

Drop-in classes only require attendance for that one singular class, with no necessary commitment to future dates.

Private Class (flexibility training)

Catered to your specific needs and growth

1-1 Privates:

If you are looking to troubleshoot any specific issue with regards to your flexibility training, or you would like a flexibility class that is specific to YOUR unique body and goals, this is the perfect place for it!


Group Privates:

If you happen to have a group of friends with the same issues needing tackling, or the same goals, I do offer group privates too (maximum 4 pax). Group privates are also an option for those who would like to attend classes but are unable to fit the current group class schedule.

Movement Therapy

If you are struggling with specific issues that pertain to your daily life/daily functioning, 

OR if you are looking to work on things that are less “tricks based” (eg. prehabilitation for shoulders, contortion, pole, strength and stability for dance etc.), this is the class for you!


Only 1-to-1 private classes are offered for movement therapy, as these are sessions that are intended to fully address your unique needs, and/or deal with more complex issues.


Note: If your case is one which I deem more appropriate to be referred out (be it to a physiotherapist, or another instructor), you will receive an email from me and a full refund BEFORE our class commences. There will be no refunds after class has commenced.

Private Class (movement therapy)

1-to-1 attention, catered to your growth

If something is important to you, it is important to me too.

There’s no nothing that’s ever too trivial to work on, nor goals that are definitively impossible. 


Together we can discuss goal setting, and then collaboratively work together towards getting you where you want to be!

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