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One of the beliefs that Bendytimez is started on is that everyone deserves a movement practice that they feel safe in. I hope to create a community for us all where it is easy to find practitioners/coaches who teach in a safer way, especially for hypermobile bodies.


Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting like-minded practitioners who share similar fundamental beliefs as me: prioritising listening to your body, being respectful of different body types, and being (at least somewhat) aware of hypermobility and its complications.


I have included a list of practitioners/coaches who teach a variety of different things. So if you have been wanting to try out other coaches or other disciplines, have fun and explore!


Train safe, have fun, and remember that only you can define your own limits!


Instructor: Caitlin Mayhap

Caitlin Mayhap’s introduction to movement was in martial arts, a discipline that granted her bodily awareness which translated well into the aerial arts. She believes strongly in sustainable fitness and training methods, in the importance of strengthening and understanding ourselves, while honoring movement efficiency and alignment.


Caitlin specializes in providing instruction in person and online in the area of aerial fitness, aerial technique and safety in the air.

Movement Therapy

Instructor: Charis Koh

Charis has been teaching various forms of movement for more than a decade to people from all ages and abilities, whether their goals is to rehabilitate from injuries or to enhance performance for the activities they play, or simple just to begin their fitness/ movement journey.


She believes in working together with her clients from the lens of a biopsychosocial model to health where education and learning through experiencing is key for the clients to take charge of their own recovery/fitness journey.


Instructor: Ray (The Hype Tribe)

Ray is a Tricker and guides people through tricks like backflip! 

Tricking is a discipline that collects movement patterns from various movements like Taekwondo, Capoeira and Gymnastics, and blends them together to form Kicks, Flips and Twist!

When he first started Tricking, he shared that he was not a great tricking athlete and had to learn things through trial and error. However, on top being able to empathise with students, that period bestowed an appreciation for biomechanics and physics which helps in breaking down complex movement patterns into bite sized progressions for students. He’s proud to say he became the coach he wanted to have when he first started:)

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