Class Schedule

Before booking your class slot, do take some time to read through our Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Punctuality: Do turn up at least 5 minutes early for classes. If it is your first time going to the venue, do cater time for you to find the place.
    I fully reserve the right to reject you from attending the class if you are more than 5 minutes later than the indicated class start time for safety reasons, and you will NOT be refunded for this class as you have taken a slot which could have been someone else’s.

  2. Things to bring: For some classes, I will require you to bring along some props. Do ensure that you bring them along for every class / as requested.

  3. Missing classes: Do always notify me if you will be missing a class.

  4. Makeup classes: There will be no makeups if you were to miss a class. You are free to sell your slot to a friend/exchange slots with other students if you like though! Do note that you must inform me with regards to

    (a) Name of the person replacing you
    (b) His/her/their phone number

    DO ENSURE THAT THE PERSON TAKING YOUR SLOT IF SUITABLE FOR THE LEVEL OF THE CLASS. I reserve the right to turn the person away from class if he/her is not suitable for the level for safety reasons. If you are unsure of suitability, do message me (existing students will have my contact details).

    If there are any changes to class dates/timings or location etc. (essentially anything which the person taking your slot should know of), it is your responsibility to notify the person whom you have sold your slot to. This includes punctuality rules and props he/she/they would need to bring.

  5. Refund policy: Do note that there will be no refunds for classes missed, regardless of reason. Purchasing a class would entail the responsibility of ensuring your own availability during the respective dates/timings. In the case of unforeseen circumstances like work commitments, illness and injury, you are free to sell your classes over to someone else who meets the pre-requisites for the class.

    Please prioritise your safety and wellbeing in all cases. I always tell my students that physiotherapy visits & prolonged time off training is going to cost much more than just missing one class to rest when your body calls for it!

Manual Payment

For anyone Singapore based: 

If you would prefer Paylah/Paynow payment, 

do message me directly on Telegram at @cla_riceee , and list down your class details in this format:

[Your name] [Class name] [Day] [Time in Singapore time]

e.g. Clarice Splits Sat 1pm